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City of Milton, GA New City Hall

Submitted by Isabelle Gautier

Client: Milton City Hall

Location: Milton, GA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Bill Lusk


Bob Busceni

City of Milton


Isabelle Gautiers


9 paintings for the whole Milton City Hall art project. The project spread out two levels of about 4000 sqft. Because of limited time scheduled for the whole project most artworks had to be already existing and respect the contemporary, new millennials, industrial, horse barn style of the City Hall.


This abstract existing painting became the center of attention of the whole building, thanks to its original wooden outer-frame that fits perfectly with the industrial look. The canvas was stretched with turnbuckles to enhance the industrial look even more. The wood we used was recycling wood from an old tree from the City itself. Another commission work was bought for the employee entrance of the building, that would welcome the employees, be happy and reflects the Milton Spirit.


The project was a three people collaboration. The city hall architect, a former contractor retired friend and myself. The design was mine, the idea of recycled wood was the architect's and the realization was the former contractor's work who created this french cleat frame. Beautiful team work. The second commission work is an abstract suggesting the green landscape of the city of Milton, but also the discrete patriotic colors as well as the GA red clay color from a close by wall.

Additional Information

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