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Neuroscience Center HealthPartners

Submitted by Betsy Stewart

Client: Dorsey Hovde Art Design

Location: St. Paul, MN, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Betsy Stewart

Art Consultant

Vickie Hovde

Dorsey Hovde Art Design


The clients were looking for a large vertical painting to place in the lobby entrance of their new hospital building. They also wanted a piece that involved some scientific subject matter. I had a painting in my studio that full filled their wishes in content, size and materials: “Bioverse No. 4″, 84″ x 48”, acrylic and sumi ink on canvas.


The designer's primary focus was to find a painting that would be, when viewed, uplifting to the patients and their families. In describing what they were looking for they used the words "luminosity,""sense of floating'" and "fresh color". In addition they hoped that all would enjoy seeing different things depending on their experiences and imagination--clouds, cells, cosmic matter." The work of art was to be a "jewel" that welcomes everyone as soon as they enter the facility.


Dorsey Hovde Design was familiar with my science-based work and contacted me at my studio in Washington, DC to ask if I had any works available with this sensibility. I sent them j-peg images and they thought "Bioverse" would be a perfect fit. This piece was over the clients' budget, so we all worked out a price that would be comfortable for all involved parties.

Additional Information

As an artist, this is the perfect project. I prefer that my paintings are acquired by clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and scientific institutions. My hope in making the art in my studio is that viewers will find beauty and a understanding of the connective bond between science and art.