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NETWORK of STELES – A Symbol for Tolerance

Submitted by LambertsGlas® - Glashuette Lamberts Waldsassen GmbH

Client: Netzwerk Stelen der Toleranz

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Karl-Martin Hartmann


Kerstin Jeckel


Netzwerk Stelen der Toleranz


The construction of the current STELES consists of a steel structure with red glass elements. It consists of two vertical pillars which are connected by one cross bar. The steel structure is galvanized to protect it from corrosion.

The glass elements are identical in their design. The two outer panels are made of ESG safety glass. The intermediate layer is made of opal Lamberts glass, a hand-manufactured real antique glass. The three glass layers are joined together to form a bond.

Different texts on the subject of TOLERANCE are applied on the outside glasses.


A NETWORK of STELES is evolving in schools and public places. The steel constructions filled with red glass bricks serve as a shining incitement to demonstrate TOLERANCE in our relationships with each other. As artistic symbols they become a focal point for places of learning and workshops for TOLERANCE.

The STELE attracts your attention and makes you think. This reflection is not limited to your own perception, since every angle opens up a new perspective on the STELE, and another person's view is just as valuable as your own. In this way, the STELE invites you to appreciate other people's way of seeing things as well as your own and to accept them - the STELE becomes a physical sign and medium for liberality, its form becomes a symbol for TOLERANCE.

"The STELE - A symbol for TOLERANCE" is to be understood in the spirit of the “Declaration of Principles on Tolerance" passed by the member states of UNESCO. This declaration comprises a comprehensive definition of the term tolerance. It demonstrates the huge peacemaking and peacekeeping role that tolerance plays. And it highlights the value and the importance of educating people about tolerance.


STELES of TOLERANCE is a series of sculptures by artists Karl-Martin Hartmann and Kerstin Jeckel. The series is supported by the not for profit organization, Netzwerk Stelen der Toleranz, based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Lamberts glass provides our handmade, antique glass for all STELES. As of 2019, STELES as symbols for TOLERANCE can be found in 8 countries, with planning underway in additional locations.

Additional Information

Art is always an exercise in tolerance because visual art confronts us with another person's viewpoint. Art lures us and encourages us to expose ourselves to that which is unknown or foreign to us. It mobilizes our ability and desire to get to know and understand others. It opens us up for dialogue with others. Through aesthetic means, art allows us to practice our attitude of tolerance.