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5TEN | Netflix | Patriot Act LED Video set

Submitted by 5TEN, LLC

Client: Netflix | Art & Industry | E26Design

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $1,000,000

Project Team


Marc Janowitz


Industry Resource

Pam Narozny

Art & Industry

Industry Resource

Norah de Bekker



The Netflix original series Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is a media rich, fast changing production that relies on dynamic content to support the theme for each episode. To realize the media heavy set design for broadcast, Production Designer, Marc Janowitz and Producers, Art & Industry, Inc. brought in 5TEN, an LED display design engineering team to deliver the show’s video display systems.


Minhaj, a Peabody Award-winning comedian for his Netflix special, Homecoming King and former correspondent for The Daily Show, headlines the original series, which explores modern culture, politics, and global news through his irreverent mix of comedy and storytelling. Each weekly episode uses infographics, data, and video content to enhance the topics he covers.


Janowitz, who is known for his concert production designs, also designed Minhaj’s Homecoming King special. He was brought back to be the production and lighting designer for the weekly Patriot Act series. His design utilizes unique shapes and configurations of LED displays to surround Minhaj in an immersive environment, so careful consideration of display products was key to 5TEN’s level of involvement.

Additional Information

At 5TEN our approach is to work with the designer and client to understand the overall design intent and provide the strongest possible product solution to meet their needs. We advised on a range of LED video display products that would be most suited to each component of the design. The way Hasan interacts with the screens and the cameras in a rather close proximity gave us some key challenges to focus in on.