Near North Park - CODAworx

Near North Park

Submitted by Reinhard Reitzenstein

Client: Daniels Corp.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Terry Wilk,

Wilk Associates Landscape Architecture Ltd.


William Jurgenson

William Jurgenson Art Foundry


Reinhard Reitzenstein

Reinhard Reitzenstein


To establish an intimate refuge within the context of an active community. Excerpting from and reflecting the landscape of Northern Ontario. Using the found on site glacial erratics and additional boulders. Raised berms hosting spruce and pine, tamarack, and red osier and gray dogwood, high bush cranberries and other indigenous species surround the boulders and form a secluded environment. Street views and overviews from apartments far above this half acre park showcase a year-round display of color and texture and along with the available berries and seeds provide food and habitat for wildlife.


We wanted a seamless integration of the sculptural components with the elements of the park. This was accomplished through the use of the glacial erratic boulders some of which were cut in half and served as seating while another boulder supported a bronze tree.


This park design process included the surrounding community who were very vocal and participatory regarding the safety and access aspects of the park. The landscape architect worked very closely with the artist to come up with a fully integrated design and there was little separation between disciplines throughout the process. Fully complimentary and mutually satisfying in terms of design decisions that kept the community involved and informed throughout.

Additional Information

The community also formed a small maintenance group who oversee the grooming of the park and even provide guided tours for visitor and the curious.