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NCTA Mural “Field of Choice”

Submitted by Cheri Freund

Client: Nebraska Art Council/UNL NCTA Exterior Mural

Location: Curtis, NE, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $72,000

Project Team


Cheri Freund

Cheri Freund Digital Art, LLC

Industry Resource

Randy Hopfer


We used 8 ft x 8 ft fired porcelain tiles for this project. The process that Tile Surface Impressions used ensured that the mural will withstand the extreme temperatures of the Nebraska climate. Unlike other mural tiles that other artists may paint on, the advantages of these fired porcelain tiles is they will not fade over the next 30 years. The surface is so hard that it is difficult to leave a visible scratch mark, it is impervious to water, and can be cleaned if someone were to attempt to mark the tiles with graffiti. [12 ft x 40 ft]


To incorporate nature and technology that is used in agriculture, while also bringing in human form(s) to tie in the educational element. My art was to inspire students to make a difference in the world. It should evoke a sense of pride not only for the students, but for the community of Curtis and Nebraska as a whole. The art will express the benefits of using agricultural technology without being mundane or obvious. The main goal was to provide visual themes that will not become outdated in the next twenty years.


Worked together with Tile Surface Impressions (Randy Hopfer), as well as having hired a local insured and bonded installer to do the tile installation. Thus, keeping more of the dollars working in the local community.

Additional Information

The mural created was to accomplish jobs in three key areas: functional, emotional/social and economic. A smaller version of the mural is also permanently displayed within the interior [entry] of the building.