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Natural Flowing

Submitted by Clearspace Design & Research

Client: Cafa Corporation

Location: Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Interior Designer

Clearspace Design & Research

Clearspace Design & Research

Interior Designer

Ryan Kuo

Chung Yuan Christian University, Ph.D Program in Design


Natural and unfettered, just like flowing clouds, flowing water. Under the considering of the function and demand conditions, we us curving stainless steel to provide the space practicality and visual continuity, and to reflect the smooth flow of the open space.The white wood lines ceiling is like the sky wings flying.


Our client is selling eyewear products, including popular sun glasses, so the pursuit of fashion after consumers equipped with more attractive, and functional sports glasses, so that a variety of different sports who have special glasses available, combined with "cool" and "Force "shape. This project can be combined with modern exhibition space display futuristic, science and technology, international sense, fashion sense, and momentum of the power. The curve of the clouds like water plus a sense of hard Steel iron sheet (echo cool and force), like sun glasses reflecting light. Extends the entire space. This excellent balance, showing classic and modern fashion the perfect fusion.


All display cabinets are designed to curve, first call carpenter to make curved cabinet, then blacksmith strip cut the stainless steel iron sheet what we want, and then one piece with one piece together. And iron plates can not have scratches and display paneks are cut with layers of transparent acrylic. Those arranged up and down the curve. Can be said that a high degree of difficulty, time consuming. Dealt with the dark ceiling, and ceiling lamp like moon in the sky, a block ceiling planks design, like the wings of the sky, beginning to fly.