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Nashville Holiday Inn

Submitted by DM Art

Client: Holiday Inn

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Interior Designer

Atwater Inc. Studio

Atwater Inc. Studio


Holiday Inn Nashville

Holiday Inn

Art Consultant

DM Art


For this youthful and modern Holiday Inn in the heart of downtown Nashville, DM Art created custom art collections for 230 Guestrooms, Corridors & Public Areas and the Restaurant & Bar. The works consisted of fine art prints, paintings on canvas, wood prints, aluminum prints, multi-dimensional artwork, photography, and accessories.


DM Art drew inspiration from the many facets of Nashville’s iconic country-music history and its vibrant lifestyle. Each art collection throughout the hotel spaces was conceived thoughtfully with a focus on the fun and energy that reflects the city’s free-spirited attitude and zest for life. Custom imagery on various substrates and artisanal craftsmanship were engaged resulting in this eclectic and whimsical art narrative. This can be seen throughout from the Nashville themed vinyl record silhouettes to the cassette tape mural that consisted of assembling over 2000 actual cassette tapes and a hand-painted skyline.


DM Art collaborated with Atwater Inc. Studio for this new hotel development. The process always begins with listening and understanding the client’s needs so that a successful interpretation of their vision is fully realized. It also helped that the location of Nashville itself is full of creativity and inspiration which resulted in a multitude of design possibilities. Working symbiotically with the client, DM Art was able to hone in on the narrative and deliver a cohesive, site-specific, and fun collection of artwork.