Murals in West Hollywood - CODAworx

Murals in West Hollywood

Submitted by Gary Paller

Client: 8730 Santa Monica Blvd 90069

Location: West Hollywood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Sonny Ward

June Street Architecture


Jade Devitt

Devitt Painting


Gary Paller


5 murals at an office complex in West Hollywood. My contact is the architectural firm June Street Architects. We were required to propose the project to the city of West Hollywood for approval. I created the murals virtually using photoshop and JSA created files to explain the project in 3D. executed the murals using Benjamin Moore paints.


The plan was to beautify the drab architecture with colorful forms and lines, relating to the architectural elements (angles of stairways, aligning with doors, windows, and posts and playing with the light as it moves across the elements.


The landlord okayed the project based on their pleasure with my work. The architects prepared CAD images of the project and worked with the city of West Hollywood to gain approval (actually, that wound up being pretty easy). While they loved most of my choices, they occasionally had suggestions which helped improve the project. The painters are creative people, so they understood well how to carry out my designs in a rapid manner. As I had prepared everything in photoshop, so all they had to do was draw out each shape with chalk and then paint each shape using the Benjamin Moore colors which I assigned to those shapes. I had a few suggestions during the process, and all went smoothly.