Murals for the Movement: DUMBO, Brooklyn - CODAworx

Murals for the Movement: DUMBO, Brooklyn

Submitted by Street Theory, Inc.

Client: Downtown Brooklyn + Dumbo Art Fund

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Curator & Producer

Liza Quinonez

Street Theory, Inc.



Marka27 Designs, LLC


Cey Adams

Cey Adams


Sophia Dawson

I Am Wet Paint, LLC


Mario Ramirez

Tost Films


Works by Cey Adams, Sophia Dawson and Marka27, Produced by Street Theory, create a celebration of African American and Latinx heritages, resilience, and community.

Created at a time of deep social and political uprising, Murals for the Movement brings large-scale new works along the walls of the BQE and below the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo. Murals for the Movement was realized as a response to police brutality and is intended as a way to rebuild communities across multiple cities with uplifting large-scale murals and public art by Black Artists and Artists of Color. Visual and graffiti artist Cey Adams displays his latest vivid work, Love, designed to encourage the viewer to think and see beyond the surface and engage in positive conversations about the complexity of our diverse community, while Sophia Dawson’s Standing In The Gap pays homage to the legacy of past generations and the freedoms they fought for through the use of a color bar theme and a textural ginkgo African fabric. Lastly, street artist Victor ‘Marka27’ Quinonez’s Back to the Essence, Brooklyn celebrates the African Diaspora and contemporary Afro Futurism incorporating tropical backgrounds, bold colors, and nature that are representative of motherland Africa’s flowers, plants, and native animals.


- Redistribute wealth and resources to BIPOC Artists
- Beautify cities, communities and neighborhoods with diverse and culturally-inspired public art
- Enhance and support equity in the art industry