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Mural “The tales of our Town”

Submitted by Yulia Avgustinovich

Client: Batesville Public Art Program

Location: Batesville, IN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Project Manager

Anne Raver


Main Street Executive Director

Tina Longstreth

City of Batesville


The mural imagery is based on the history of the city of Batesville, and the flora and fauna of South Eastern Indiana.
Throughout the mural, the views of trees, hills, rivers, and lakes show the natural beauty of the area. The forests also reveal the importance of the use of hardwood in the region’s historical industry: furniture making. Views of city architecture interweave with the elements of nature and farming fields throughout the mural, showing the harmony of people coexisting with nature.
The retro locomotive and railroad represent the history of Batesville and remind us of the importance that the railroad played in the growth and establishment of the city.


The goal of the mural is to tell its viewers the story of the city of Batesville, its past and present accomplishments, and to show the beautiful nature of South Eastern Indiana.


The mural was created with great input from the Batesville community: starting with the creation of the design and helping with the installation of the panels on the walls of the Hillrom AP Building.
The mural was painted on aluminum composite panels in my studio using acrylic paint and covered with protective enamel.