Moto Wall - CODAworx

Moto Wall

Submitted by HEAVY

Client: Moto Museum

Location: St. Louis, MO, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Industry Resource

Chris Nunes

Heavy Projects


BC Biermann

Heavy Projects




Heavy Projects collaborated w/ artist MOMO, Grand Center and the Art and Life Alliance, and the Moto Museum. This project included an 85' x 21' mural by MOMO comprised of 14 basic shapes, which was then digitally augmented via mobile app by Heavy Projects. Users can view, walk around, in, and through the 42 digital variations of the basic shapes. Some digital shapes can only be viewed and touched by moving around the physical space. In this way, the app allows users to creatively work with fundamental elements of art such as space, composition, form, and color.


The entire site design consisted solely of the artwork provided by MOMO Heavy Projects. Original customer had an affinity for motorcycles, so we used an abstract of a motorcycle to inform our design choices. But we also focused on "motion in design" and worked w/ MOMO to make his designs a bit more complex than typical just in terms of computer vision trackability (more color contrast, sharper angles and points of intersection). We always collaborate to make sure the AR is visually connected both in functionality and aesthetic to the underlying physical installation.


This was a collaborative effort between Heavy Projects, MOMO, Moto Museum, the Grand Center, and Art & Life Alliance. We designed the creative content, subject to approval by the oversight committee, which was promptly approved on submission.

Additional Information

This project was completed in October 2013.