Submitted by Phenomena Labs

Client: Science Park Towers Jönköping, Sweden.

Location: Jönköping, Sweden

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Art Director and developer

Ronen Tanchum

Phenomena Labs

Creative developer

Ori Ben-Shabat

Phenomena Labs


Shahaf Mor

And Murals


An interactive art installation situated in the lobby of a Jönköping building, representing a seamless blend of art, technology, and architecture. Designed to reflect the dynamic nature of the city, this artwork is a living testament to the interplay between the human community and its environment. Driven by real-time data, the installation continuously evolves, creating a fluid interface between the urban and natural world. The project features five chapters, each influenced by various data inputs such as people’s movements, energy consumption, weather forecasts, and time of day. The chapters unfold in a visual symphony of abstract landscapes, interactive calligraphy, and digital florals, making the artwork an ever-changing representation of Jönköping’s rhythm and spirit. This project reflects the infinite possibilities of combining technology and art, crafting a sensory experience that evolves with the heartbeat of the city.


"Moments in Time" is a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when art, architecture, and technology converge. This installation is more than a static piece—it's a living, breathing entity that responds to its environment and the people within it. It is an endeavor to create a meaningful dialogue between the artwork and its surrounding space, reflecting the rhythm and pulse of the lobby life.

Interactivity lies at the heart of this installation, transforming every passerby into an active participant in the art experience. The artwork responds to the movement of people, effectively turning each individual into a co-creator of the visual narrative. This interplay cultivates a unique, personalized connection between the observer and the artwork.

Moreover, real-time data from the building and external environment—such as energy consumption, weather patterns, and the time of day—form the lifeline of "Moments in Time". This data-driven approach enables the artwork to evolve in parallel with the rhythm of the building and the city, creating a dynamic piece that is as alive and vibrant as its surroundings.


This project shaped the way we think of what integrated art can be, but also inspires to a more profound interconnection between people, the architectural spaces they occupy, and the art they engage with. This installation stands as a compelling exemplification of the transformative power of art in architectural spaces and an invitation to experience the extraordinary in the everyday.

Additional Information

Located in the heart of 'Science Park Towers' in Jönköping, Sweden, 'Moments in Time' is a digital art installation by Phenomena Labs. The artwork, seamlessly integrated into the architectural landscape, dynamically reflects the rhythm and pulse of the building's daily life on a 17-meter wide screen composed of over 6.5 million LED pixels.