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The Search for Musical North

Client: University of Louisville

Location: Louisville, KY, United States

Completion date: 1999

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Dave Caudill


Stephen Cotton

University of Louisville

Industry Resource

Joe Lenzi

Senler Campbell


A unique mobile, approximately 12' in diameter and 25' H. stainless steel


The building was about 20 years old when I was given the opportunity to build this artwork. Animating the atrium space had been a dream of the Dean, and when I was chosen for another commission for the facade, he hired me.


The concept was submitted to the Music School Dean and faculty, all of whom I regarded as clients as well as stakeholders. In what may be an unusual case of teamwork, these people were enthusiastic about the idea, sketches and plans from the outset through completion.

Additional Information

The atrium mobile was titled The Search for Musical North because there are independent components that symbolize the diverse group of musical interests at the School, and each of the components rotates separately on an axis like a compass needle. Because all of these musicians respond to a profound inner impulse that drives them to create and render their different gifts, it is this impulse I deemed musical north, as a way to honor them all.