Mid-Century Mod-Cacti, roundabout sculpture - CODAworx

Mid-Century Mod-Cacti, roundabout sculpture

Client: Commerce City Colorado, Commerce City Cultural Council & RTD

Location: Commerce City, CO, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $83,000

Project Team

Artist Designer

Annette Coleman

Annette Coleman Artist


Kevin Manning

Juno Works


A wonderful addition to any roundabout, gateway or plaza this mid-century mod-cacti is delightful day or night. Bright paint colors, and a different colorway on each side–blues on the North and greens on the South side help commuters find their way home.


The art selection committee selected this theme as the best embodiment of their culture of resiliency. This suburb of Denver has been an under represented area for many years. Now with the commuter line completed it is now a neighborhood in expansion. For the budget, scale was a challenge so a clean simple design was proposed to help with fabrication costs.


Collaboration among three agencies, Commerce City, Commerce City Cultural Council and the Regional Transportation District would as you can imagine a juggling act. Some of the bells and whistles were removed due to maintenance issues. Dichroic glass insets and LED lighting were eliminated and it was up to me to still hold to the aesthetic that the art committee fell in love with.