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Methodist LeBonheur Hospital

Submitted by Seranda Vespermann

Client: Methodist LeBonheur Hospital

Location: Germantown, TN, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team


Michael Finefield



Seranda Vespermann


This was a nationwide search of artists for this commission of two 17' x 7' windows for a new hospital in Germantown, outside of Memphis. Mouth-blown European stained glass was employed, and punctuated with bevels and hand-chopped Dalles de Verre for sparkle and texture. The colors convey a message of hope as the sun's rays project images on the walls and floor below, thus making the commission even larger than its designated size. I presented to the hospital board and architect, after the commission was granted, then met with groups of nurses, doctors and patient's families.


Since this is a Methodist hospital, it was my desire to send a message of hope, joy and healing to the viewers below. There is a blast of God's power in the upper right that shoots through the hospital logo (the sun). The logo represents medical technology, and that energy continues to positively impact the cell and/or patient (represented by the irregular white orb). It was my desire that visitors to the lobby would continue to make new discoveries over time. Medical sources agree that optimum healing occurs when three elements are present: God's power, the faith of the patient and medical technology. It is my hope that the message of this art will aid in that healing process.


This project was my design. At the hospital board's request, the logo (a sun) replace a linear design originally in that circular area.