Memory of the fishing wave - CODAworx

Memory of the fishing wave

Submitted by yuelai ruan

Client: Hangzhou Xixi National Park

Location: Hangzhou, China

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $16,000

Project Team


Yuelai Ruan




This is a kinetic installation driven by a motor. It consists of three slowly rotating parts. The biggest part is 4 meters high and 2.5 meters wide; the smallest part is 1.5 meters high and the middle sized part is 3 meters high. The work is mainly forged by mirror stainless steel. The slow rotating rate of this work perfectly combines with the surface wave, showing a graceful posture under the sunshine.


How to perfect the integration of natural environment and the artistic works has always been my research topic. Feeling of people about the environment and space will be deepened by decorating artificially without destroying the original nature environment. This work uses the mirror reflecting material, which can well reflect the surroundings and subjects, showing a partly hidden and partly visible effect when seeing distantly. It aims to combine both the peaceful and still scenery and the dynamic wind of scenery Xixi Wetland together.


The inspiration of this work comes from symbols of the “fishing boat” and “ripple”of Xixi Wetland. These two symbols are the eternal theme of Xixi Wetland, which I chose to express abstractly. The work combines structure of the boat and curves of the wave to arouse people’s imagination of “water” and “fishing”of Xixi by using a concise way of expression in modern art. In the process of design and installation, our team of designers have discussed many times with manufacturers about the work site. At last, we decided to select a semi-enclosed pond next to a small bridge, which is just the best place for audience to appreciate the work. Besides, we also had the work went through many rotation speed test in order to enable it with three different rotating rates, so that the subtle changes will be consistent with the water wave.

Additional Information

This work consists of 3 different parts, with each neighboring layer of the installation having an angle of 20 degree with each other, creating a continuous spiral space. The whole work will rotate slowly at different rates like a series of spiral metal wave, rising gracefully from the water.