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A Remembrance of Mom

Submitted by Justin Deister

Client: Private Client

Location: Louisville, CO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $3,000

Project Team


Justin Deister

Memory Arts


Private Client


These commission pieces were created to honor Mom, the cook and preparer of meals who felt it was important for the family to come together for dinnertime.


It was important to my client that the memorabilia they had saved from their mother that was in boxes in attics and basements and in drawers here and there, were brought out and could be displayed and the memories surrounding them could be passed on to their kids. It was equally important that the items were protected and safely presented and in artistic setting.


I met with the family, we discussed their mother, and they told me stories about her. Between all of them, they had numerous items that were meaningful to them. We brought them all out and chose pieces that really brought back memories. Collectively the pieces could really tell a story about their mom and we decided what direction to take. I made them out a receipt for all the items and back at my studio I began trying a number of arrangements. I made photo sketches and emailed them for family approval, and then completed the project. They were thrilled to be able to hang the finished pieces on dining room walls and to talk with their kids about their memories.

Additional Information

I enjoy meeting with the family members to discuss a commission project for someone they love, either still with them or passed on. I love the objects that stir memories and collecting memorabilia. I take these precious bits of our lives and arrange them in an artistic fashion that helps protect and preserve them, as well as generates memories and stories we can relate to future generations.