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Meditation Room

Client: Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 1998

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Jim Hirschfield


Sonya Ishii


Meditation Room uses light to create a contemplative environment. Visitors entering the space view a gold leafed panel hosting Bo leaf patterns. Natural light entering the room through this golden screen tints the space with yellow, blue and green patterns. Looking up the visitor beholds a geometrical pattern of light emanating from perforations of converging lines and concentric circles. A third ephemeral pattern is projected onto the floor echoing the mandala of the ceiling.


The hospital wanted a meditation room that would be a warm yet uplifting environment that would create a meaningful experience. They also wanted the space to address both children and adults. And when necessary, the room would serve as a place to hold a memorial service. Our design used geometry and light to create its meditative environment. It is a work of art met the client’s concerns, and simultaneously provided a beautiful, elegant and numinous art experience.


We worked closely with the Fabricator (FS Art, Limited) the Architects (ZGF) and the hospital to make certain we met everyone's expectations for the meditation space. This included redesigning the layout of the 10th floor of the hospital to make certain that patrons could use the space without intrusions.