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Maple Glen Elementary School

Submitted by Sofiya Inger

Client: Maple Glen Elementary School

Location: Westfield, IN, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Sofiya Inger


Maple Glen Elementary


Translucent multicolored panels were created with textures made by over 600 students of Maple Glen Elementary in Westfield, Indiana. Final dimensions for the installation-8 by 12 feet, with lights installed behind it in the wall niche. First 3 panels were installed with the theme of a tree, bearing principles of courage and compassion; second installation was bearing a theme “reaching for the stars”
Students chose messages, elements to be included in the panels, and artist Sofiya Inger created acrylic panels with layers of painted film, and transparent mediums.


.Artist was approached by the school to commemorate 5, and 10 year anniversaries, and bring a sense of pride, community, and inclusion to the students and parents of the school. History of the place where school is located dictated choice of symbols, and colors for the installation. Birds, animals, trees, and insects to portray were all discussed with students.


School administration, parents, students supported the project; over 600 students participated in panting colorful textures on film, to be cut and assembled on the base acrylic panels.

Additional Information

Due to hands-on process of texture making, we included all age groups, special ed classes, kindergarten, staff, etc. A big celebration and opening brought the whole community to the school.