MAN UP Sampling of Student Artwork - CODAworx

MAN UP Sampling of Student Artwork

Submitted by Jim West


Client: George Junior Republic

Location: Grove City, PA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Glen Sanders

George Junior Republic


Jim West

Jim West Sculptor

Industry Resource

Rebecca Limberg

George Junior Republic

Industry Resource

Chad Weierstall

George Junior Republic

Industry Resource

Mike Jenkins

George Junior Republic


In first upload photo, the young man indicates through his art how he was abused in his bedroom and how he would look out the window and want to escape. In second uploaded photo the young man's father told him he would meet him at the airport. He waited 31 days across the street in the park for his father. 31 branches on tree. His sister only showed up, she is his angel here. Shortly afterward the youth was arrested for assault.


Expression through the Arts can be done using a multitude of materials and mediums. Colors, textures, lines, angles, renderings and drawings all can come together or singularly to tell a story. I want to capture this information, these raw emotions from these young men. Embrace their MAN UP stories from their pasts into their futures.

Healing through Art expression and creation.

Additional Information

We want to hear their personal thoughts. Embrace their personal stories. Discuss materials that will support these stories using textures, surfaces, dimensions, angles, colors. At all times, they will be encouraged to not lose focus of their story. There is no right or wrong answer in Art. I will encourage them to be honest, I will ask honest questions; what do you feel like inside? Promote healing through art from their past hurt.