Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Submitted by Alisha Volotzky


Client: Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Location: Malibu, CA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Alisha Volotzky

Alisha Volotzky Glass Artist


Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards


The windows are located between the open kitchen and the formal dining room leading to expansive hall for hosting and entertaining. The total dimension of the window is 6' x 5'. It is deep carved and painted. The backside that turns to the kitchen is protected with tempered glass (to protect it from the oily fumes).


The Winery is located on the very high pike at the top of the Santa Monica Mountains. It has a beautiful 360-degree view above any other place. The owner asked me to apply on the glass the view of the mansion as he sees it from his helicopter when he approaches for landing. He sent me a video of the approach.


The designer was happy with my design and let me work directly with the owner.

Additional Information

The video on YouTube of the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards features my windows towards the end.