Machine Learning Incubator - CODAworx

Machine Learning Incubator

Submitted by Matthew Wilson

Client: University of Maryland

Location: College Park, MD, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Matthew Wilson

Physical Experience Design


PJ Koll

Where The Buffalo Roam


Annaliese Baker

Capital One


The Incubator is a machine learning innovation hub at the center of the University of Maryland campus. It is home to a handful of Capital One associates and 20-30 student interns per semester to drive research innovation. In collaboration with Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning and Workplace Solutions, we designed the look and feel of the space, as well as a feature wall – the main visual element in the space merging data visualization and physical design.


The feature wall reflects the visual treatment of space and acts as a spotlight for interns to display their work, giving the installation and ultimately the space back to the students to feel a sense of ownership. It's a primary element within the space (one of the first things to ground you upon entry) and can be used for presentations.


We started from the perspective of the people working in the space. We identified key values and the tone and vibe to give the space an identity. We landed on "Ownership" and "Celebrate" as our design pillars. As a result, we delivered impressive features in the space while meeting practical use requirements as a flex space for project work, speaker presentations, and workshops.

Additional Information

The muted grayscale colors of the incubator allow the space to be a backdrop for the students and associates to add their own color and character. Our accent color: Magenta was selected because it is an “artificial” color. It does not exist within the spectrum of light, but rather as a construct of how our brains perceive a combination of red and blue light. This plays into the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning focus of the incubator. We also designed the logo for the space and transitional animations for feature wall.