Lunar Rhythmic Revolution - CODAworx

Lunar Rhythmic Revolution

Submitted by Robert Horner

Client: Harborview Medical Center

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $70,000

Project Team


Robert Horner

Pi R Squared


Rusty Borromeo

Borromeo Construction


Through a simple deductive diagrammatic mapping of the moons radiant movements around the earth during one complete revolution of the earth around the sun, the lobby and plaza flooring artwork highlights a universal underlying rhythm inherent to all life. Operating at a multitude of scales and dimensions, and resonating at different tones as it harmonizes with our physical, emotional and spiritual energies, this universal rhythm provides the balances for all energy. Governed by the collective gravitational pull of the sun and the moon, the major water bodies on the earth undergo a distorted warping manifested in the rising and receding of the oceans water from the shore. Similarly to the tides, our physical, emotional and spiritual bio rhythmic energies undergo a transformation as a result of a variety of gravitational influences.


As healing is a process of transformation in which the body moves through various stages of degeneration and regeneration, Lunar Rhythmic Revolution encourages individuals to embrace the nature of change. Drawing attention to varying scales of change, as well as the resulting patterns established through a wide range of gravitational relationships expressed through material richness and diversity, the flooring artwork reinforces the concept that large transitional healing occurs in small increments. Much like climbing a mountain, there are many thresholds to pass, before reaching a goal; there are obstacles and difficulties to overcome each step of the way, yet there will ultimately be times of ease. The artwork encourages individuals to find their own way to engage the work, and to find their own path through life. Having a clear understanding of the influential forces acting upon us, we are better apt to discover equilibrium of our mind, body, spirit and place.


The project maps out a lunar year across the entry plaza and inside lobby space of the medical facility. The project draws specific attention to the varying scales and overlapping harmonies inherent to natural rhythms. Seven inch circles composed of black slate and white quartzite encompassed in a travertine ring are inset into green quartzite lobby tiles. Divided into 12 bands, each containing 48 circular moon phases, the bands represent the various calendar months, where each month contains a full lunar cycle plus an additional part of a cycle to complete the 13 lunar cycles inherent to a full lunar year.