LUMMA Floating Murals - CODAworx

LUMMA Floating Murals

Submitted by Maryanne Pollock


Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Maryanne Pollock

Industry Resource



Working with LUMMA was a new experience for me and an opportunity to see my work translated to a large scale environmental application. My art is typically displayed in a traditional wall setting; however, these LUMMA translucent murals allow art to merge with interiors in an application that’s totally “off-the-wall”.


The goal was to introduce a layer of art to subdivide space while still enabling light to pass through. This was achieved with translucent material, overlapping sections of panels to achieve a large frameless mural. By sliding different portions of the image, you can rearrange the artwork or "walk through" the canvas. The translucent resin allows viewing from front and rear, a great way to accentuate its immersive quality.


The artwork is reproduced in limited edition as hi-res translucent resin panels which are suspended on a sliding track system and hover just above the floor, leaving the surface completely intact. The scale and quality of these murals is stunning.

Additional Information

LUMMA and I connected directly through CODAworx in 2014.