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Luminous Stratum

Client: Dallas Love Field Airport

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee


Industry Resource



Industry Resource

New Aspect Design


Luminous Stratum is inspired by contrails set against the vibrant and colorful open sky above Dallas. The artwork celebrates the “Spirit of Flight” in the context of the natural world and the dramatic skyscape of North Texas.

The work features a parametrically generated sculpture composed of semi-translucent, white, acrylic fins, forming a contrail- like gesture. Streaks of color rapidly move down the length of the sculpture and then slowly dissipate, blend, and dissolve into one another, evoking the formation and dissipation of contrails in the open sky. The streaks of color move in both directions.


The goals for the artwork was to:
Enhance the “DECIDEDLY DALLAS” identity of the Airport, support a positive experience of airport spaces, showcase art to express the vibrant culture of Dallas, and the artwork must be durable and be appropriate for the site.


Working with the architects of the Dallas Love Field, Hensel Phelps, our team - RE:site, Metalab, and New Aspect Lighting Design, were able to coordinate several aspects of integration in the building. The primary technical feature of the design was to integrate a system of suspended fiber-optically lit, translucent panels that vary in form and dimension that perfectly align with the architectural ceiling system already proposed to be installed in the space.