Luminous Stratum - CODAworx

Luminous Stratum

Submitted by Guy Bruggeman

Client: City of Dallas

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $425,000

Project Team





Guy Bruggeman

Dallas Love Field Airport


Luminous Stratum is inspired by contrails set against the vibrant and colorful open sky above Dallas. Luminous Stratum features a 260 foot long sculpture composed of semi-translucent, white, Lexan fins, forming a contrail-like gesture. Ribbons of multi-colored LEDs rapidly move down the length of the sculpture and then slowly dissipate, blend, and dissolve into one another, evoking the formation and dissipation of contrails in the open sky. The bands of color move in both directions.
This undulating array of individually laser-cut fins is suspended from the plank ceiling above the Pedestrian Corridor.


One of the goals for this project was to animate a large, open pedestrian space, to provide a dynamic visual experience. Since the corridor is over 240 feet long, the impact of the contrails enhances the travelers' experience while passing through the changing colors. The contrails are based on the unique hues of the regional skies and change throughout the course of the day and night. It reflects the dramatic sunrises and sunsets of the North Texas sky.


Collaboration is key to the success of every effective art project. Community members participate in a series of dialogues about content for public art at the airport that will enrich the travelers experience. Professional artists, architects, engineers and representatives from Dallas Love Field and resident airline staff reviewed submissions from over 300 artists to identify the best solution for this space. The selected artist’s worked with site staff and public art staff throughout the process, including the meticulous refinement of the final lighting solution. Viewers stop and look up to see the dance of color in the artistic sky and say, “wow!”