Lucy in the Sky - CODAworx

Lucy in the Sky

Client: San Francisco Municipal Railway / San Francisco Arts Commission

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $536,550

Project Team

Artist, project manager

Erwin Redl

Paramedia LLC

Electronic engineering

Leo Fernekes

Fernekes Designs


The title references the song by The Beatles, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” released in the 1967, the same year of San Francisco’s “Summer of Love.” The light installation is comprised of hundreds of LED light panels, each containing an array of colors. The light panels are suspended along the entire length of the concourse ceiling in a diamond-shaped pattern, The light sequences slowly change color and display simple patterns, creating an immersive environment.


The goals was to add everchanging color patterns to the 700 ft long distribution corridor of the Union Street / Market subway station top level. Commuters experience the tranquil light sequences by passing through the corridor or getting a glimpse of the light panels when ascending from the lower levels. The artwork provides a moment of calmness within the intense, transitory commuter environment.