Luckey Climber South Korea - CODAworx

Luckey Climber South Korea

Submitted by Luckey LLC

Client: Gyeonggi Children's Museum

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $400,000

Project Team


Spencer Luckey


Young Mo Sung



This 53 foot tall climber was conceived as a kind of child’s construction, made out of gigantic bendy straws. Kids can access it from the ground floor or via the bridge attachment on the 2nd floor, creating an even more dynamic flow of children. Its base is the densest area of the climber, filled with bent surfaces in orange, blue, brown, white and magenta, which evoke different beverages enjoyed by children.


Our climbers aim to become visually elegant works of art that are also part jungle gym, and what connects these two dimensions of each structure is its conceptual nature. Once alive with children, they become what our founder Thomas Luckey called “fountains of children.“, completing the creative cycle. Each time we observe kids climbing on our structures, we see this vibrant energy, a mix of challenge and delight to discover the many random paths that end up leading you at the top of the climber. It is a self-guided journey that stimulates both the body and the mind.


We from Luckey LLC have been a team for more then 25 years and, with Spencer Luckey orchestrating our design process and installation, we try to make things as safe and as efficient as possible. Our work in Gyeonggi was smoothly executed, with no issues neither from our part, nor from theirs. It was an amazing experience from the design to the installation.