Love The Lagoon - CODAworx

Love The Lagoon

Submitted by Stephanie Gassman

Client: Florida Department of Health

Location: Melbourne, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Ken Tilbury

FL Department of Health Project Director


Stephanie Gassman


The art is a wood wall relief ( 25″ H X 19' W X 3″ D ) placed on an overhead curved wall in the main clinic of the Florida Department of Health. The wood grain shows through the oil paint on most shapes. The addition of pearlized paint represents the sunlight that permeates the lagoon.


The clinic is right down the street from the Indian River Lagoon, the largest estuary in the US. This subject provides an upbeat and colorful focus to the lobby. It adds warmth and energy, along with unifying the entire space. The art is a whimsical illustration of life in the lagoon. Four thousand species of plants and animals make the area their home. The title "Love the Lagoon" was borrowed from a campaign to bring attention to the crisis of a lack of clean water in the estuary. My hope is that this art will inspire involvement in the protection and restoration of this unique area.


The committee wanted the art to mean something to the community, and all were extremely helpful with suggestions.