Louisiana politics makes strange bedfellows - CODAworx

Louisiana politics makes strange bedfellows

Submitted by Darlene Guillot

Client: The Rosevelt

Location: New Orleans, United States

Completion date: 2000

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

John Zeringue

Mardi Gras Designs


Louisiana Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows is the name I gave my fish. I wanted to show how convoluted our politics is even now. The Arts Council provided the blank fish.


I did not know where my fish would end up but was very glad it was the Rosevelt Hotel. Huey Long used that hotel as his second office after Baton Rouge.


I had 4 helpers for this project, one left as he got his own fish, one left due to boredom. This was my first public art commission and it was great fun.

Additional Information

The hurricane of 2004 may have destroyed my fish as it lived on the gulf coast of Florida.