Client: Inselspital Bern

Location: Bern , Switzerland

Completion date: 2023

Project Team



Design consultancy

Studio Banana


MKTe Engineering


ASTOC Architects and Planners


GWJ Architektur


IAAG Architekten


Archipel Generalplanung


Mind the Film

Sound Design

Omar Tenani


Ruben P Bescos


“Loops” is a large-scale kinetic artwork permanently installed at the atrium of Inselspital, the largest hospital in Switzerland.
Both engaging and soothing, the piece presents a new paradigm for site-specific installations in the re-envisioning of hospitals as more humane environments.
The production of the artwork spanned over two years and involved the development of bespoke equipment by world-leading engineers.

How can art have a positive effect on patients, staff and visitors, and help nurture them emotionally within a hospital? Fulfilling these needs has been the goal of this highly specialised project.
The result of that process is “Loops”, unique kinetic artwork in which 24 large rings move across an interior space following a series of subtle choreographic patterns.
Developed in collaboration with design consultancy Studio Banana, “Loops” is permanently installed at the atrium of the brand-new Anna-Seiler-Haus, the main building of Inselspital, one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Switzerland.


Patients are at the centre of advanced hospital design. Used as an architectural device, site-specific installation provides a vast potential in the re-envisioning of hospitals as more humane environments.
Art has been shown to improve health, and its effect on the brain is known to be similar to that of love. We know, both from science and from intuition, that art has the potential to heal.
The design of “Loops” is based upon these principles. Aiming at a thorough influence, the movements of the sculpture gently stimulate not only the eye, but also the mind of the viewer.


The precise movements of the sculpture are produced by 24 sophisticated motors working in unison. The devices have been designed, developed and tested specifically for “Loops” by the world-leading engineering firm MKT at its facilities in Munich.

Additional Information

Visually direct and free of artifice, the piece unfolds its complexity with the gradual development of its choreographic patterns. Its shape shifts constantly as its elements draw their ethereal movements across the atrium space and arrange themselves in a myriad combinations. The form of the sculpture works in two complementing directions. The weightless rings against an impressive cuadrangular space provide an underlaying contrast, while the shape and movement of the artwork firmly set the tone towards calm and harmony. The five floors around the hospital atrium allow for a wide range of different points of view upon the piece. As the viewer moves and the sculpture shifts, the resulting visual readings multiply infinitely. In the blink of an eye, a new artwork is discovered.