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Reception Desk

Submitted by Peter Danko Design Inc.

Client: Corporate Client

Location: York, PA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $28,000

Project Team


Peter Danko

Peter Danko Designs Inc.


Jim Williams

Williams Architecture


Mindy Christian

Creative York


This Reception Desk is made from Bleached Maple and translucent Hollow Core Polypropylene panels. The top is polished concrete imbedded with glass rods so the light transmits through the concrete. The design is sort of like a Japanese Lantern in the shape of a desk hovering above the floor. At night the Gallery is dark except for the illuminated reception desk, and very dramatic to passersby seeing it suspended through the windows. The engineering challenge was to have the cabinet bridge the space above the floor, and hide the structure with continuous inline sliding doors around the front. Very etherial. The desk itself is V shaped, 19’ long (< 6 meters).


The client, Creative York, wanted a reception desk to have a WOW factor. The goal was to have a permanent element in the gallery that was unique enough to draw in visitors walking by their storefront. Not only did the reception desk have to be unique, they wanted the design to be of neutral color/finish, and a design so as not to compete with the art on exhibit. The front of the cabinet is all sliding doors because the client wanted easy access to literature from previous shows without clutter. The area inside the desk has a work surface, is wired for data, with file cabinets and locked drawer for storing cash.


The Architect approached me on behalf Creative York, in York PA, USA to design a reception desk. Together, with the client we developed the design brief. (see goals above) They then commissioned me to develop a design, write specifications, and create a budget and a time line for delivery. This information then went before the board of Creative York for approval.

Additional Information

My designs, like art, has content and meaning beyond simple look and style. Each piece is a concept design, and addresses a slightly different message because of its construction or materiality. The recurring themes are largely environmental and resource driven. They explore the esthetics of recycled and repurposed materials. In terms of sustainability, most of my designs are orders of magnitude beyond anything you would have in your homes or offices. While most people appreciate the beauty of my designs and the vision behind them, their materiality is unfamiliar. Yet they are the next logical step to provide comfortable and attractive utility in a world of Billions of People without crashing the environment.