Little Oil - CODAworx

Little Oil

Client: Odetta Gallery

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Katherine Jackson

Art Consultant

Odetta Gallery


Recently, I have been casting vintage oil cans in colorful glass and and setting them on lightboxes so that they glow. 61 of these (no two the same) were exhibited in two vitrines by Odetta Gallery i(Chelsea) n the 1st Dibs space in New York City. They are intended for architectural spaces (such as lobbies) and other public spaces and Vitrine #1 will be displayed in Architecture Venice 2021.


The work was not commissioned. It was requested by Odetta Gallery (Chelsea) and has been shown since by 1st Dibs.


I cast the glass at Urban Glass, in Brooklyn, NY. There I had the benefit of an extremely experienced and helpful staff. The frame and shelves were fabricated by Pansum Cheng, who has been my go-to fabricator for the past few years. The lights were installed by Griffin Editions in Brooklyn, THE premier photography printing, processing, and mounting resource in NYC. They make lightboxes and were good enough install the LEDs in my lightbox shelves since I want foolproof electronics in my pieces.

Additional Information

The vitrines are steel and plexiglass and contained wall-mounted lightboxes (LED's and plexiglass). They are 44 1/4" x 41" x 9 3/4". The featured image is one of the two large vitrines. I also am including an image of vitrine #2 as well as some images of more recent pieces and a smaller vitrine. Obviously, there are a great many sizes and display formats possible.