Little Oil Vitrine #1 (Palazzo Mora, Venice) - CODAworx

Little Oil Vitrine #1 (Palazzo Mora, Venice)

Client: anonymous

Location: Venice, Italy

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Pansum Cheng

White Pigeon Studio


Griffin Editions

Griffin Editions


This piece is currently being exhibited in Venice at the Art Biennale 2022. I was originally invited to partic in an exhibition of sculpture in architectural settings in the Palazzo Mora at the Venice Archtectural Biennale 2021. This curators then kept the piece for the Art Biennale 2022 where it is now being exhibited.

30 cast glass versions of vintage oil cans, set on lightboxes and housed in a steel and plexi vitrine;
Glass, steel, wood, LEDs, plexiglass
43″ x 41″ x 9.5″


My goal was to create a luminous sculptural presence for a public space of reflection that would both ironically conjure Big Oil and the climate change crisis and also showcase these humble yet ingenious gizmos as reliquaries of the Industrial Age.


I fabricated the glass sculptures at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, with help from its amazing staff. The virtine was designed by my go-to fabricator, Pansum Cheng, at White Pigeon Studio.

Additional Information

Photo of vitrine in situ by Matteo Losurdo Close ups by Riccardo Grasse