LinkedIn Empire State Building - CODAworx

LinkedIn Empire State Building


Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $25

Project Team


Susan Rowe Harrison


Co-Founder and CEO

Gavi Wolf


Architect & Designer

Jessica Beck



Cherish Rosas



My inspiration for the mural comes from the collect ponds and land cutouts from the 5 Points in NYC. From conversations with the project architects, I tried to bring in parts of past projects that they liked and bring in colors from trees and leaves that dovetailed into the colors used in the space. I also wanted to create a work with a feeling of wind and movement, balance and connections, and diverse colors and shapes. I also considered the need for multiple viewpoints as the space is cavernous, and guests will use the space standing or sitting. The mural begins high for visibility throughout the space and over doors and across the corner where the two walls meet to ignore the function of the doors and embrace them. LinkedIn is a company that creates points, connections, intersections, and movements in careers, lives, and information across cultures and borders. This can be seen in the work’s points, connections, and natural movement and counterbalance.


I want every project I do to feel like it was made for the space and has always been there. Integration in the space is always a priority, but in the case of my mural for LinkedIn, be bold enough to hold up to the cavernous size of the space.


I worked with the Gensler and the LinkedIn designs team to draw on past works to create a mural that worked with the color and design elements in the cafe.