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Lightscape Pavilion

Submitted by Daisuke Nagatomo

Client: Taipei Culture Foundation

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Daisuke Nagatomo



Taipei Culture Foundation


Lightscape Pavilion was installed on the top of Treasure Hill in Taipei, where is an old settlement with a vision of an artist compound. The contrast between the new and the old, villagers and the artists, creates an interesting dialogue, which can be experience by the visitors


Lightscape Pavilion combines digital fabrication methods with local specific material, such as bamboo dowels. The design concept is inspired by the traditional Chinese lantern, which is made with bamboo and paper. This pavilion is a lightweight structure, accompanied with curved resting benches and lighting. In the evening, the lights gently pass through thin bamboo dowels and create a soft, delicate atmosphere.


Lightscape Pavilion exams possibility of utilizing digital fabrication tools, such as CNC milling machine and laser cutter for full-scale architectural assembly. By incorporating standardized dowels for most of structural members, the digitally fabricated acrylic joints plays major role of forming an organic shape structure. The focal point of this experimental project is to propose a local solution of global digital fabrication phenomenon.

Additional Information

The Lightscape Pavilion is the combination of digital fabrication technology and traditional hand craft assembly. All the joint and furniture pieces are digitally designed and fabricated through CNC machines with local factory, while all the bamboo dowels are nurtured from the regional source. The construction of pavilion took over one month of onsite work, which includes braiding of bamboo columns and canopy as well as furniture.