Light on the Lake - CODAworx

Light on the Lake

Client: Cancer Treatment Center

Location: Rochester, MN, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Daniel Joshua Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein Studio

Art Consultant

Mary Dreblow

Mary Dreblow

Industry Resource

Corey Kapellas

Daniel Goldstein Studio


“Light on the Lake” is a wall related piece that is less than 4′ deep and 350 sq ft. Minnesota is a land of lakes. The lobby is fairly monochromatic and hard edged so I felt called to bring color and curves to enliven the space. I was in Paris when I was working on the drawings and I visited Monet’s Water Lily series at the Orangerie. I thought “what would these paintings of light on water feel like in three dimensions?”


The client wanted something that would unite the diverse elements and materials in the lobby with a strong yet calm central art work. This is the lobby of a state of the art cancer treatment facility and I wanted to create a sense of welcome and calm. Light on water is a perfect representation of those sought after attributes. The beautiful materials used in the lobby inspired me to use anodized aluminum, a material that has its own intrinsic beauty. Because all the materials in the lobby are either wood or many different polished stone surfaces the contrasting anodized aluminum serves to unite those natural materials and balance them out.


I worked closely with the head of the art program at the clinic. She had suggestions about color which were easy to accommodate. The only other involvement was the clinic installation team who were wonderful to work with.

Additional Information

My studio manager, Corey Kapellas, was instrumental in bringing this sculpture to life.