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Light Between

Client: Pie Projects

Location: Santa Fe, NM, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Morgan Barnard

Gallery Owner

Alina Boyko

Pie Projects

Gallery Owner

Devendra Contractor

Pie Projects


Light Between is a temporary light art installation that creates a space to enter a meditative state and evokes a feeling of tranquility. The installation provides a moment of illumination between your normal movements through the urban environment. Using generative design and audio reactivity to create a dynamic display of color and light, this piece is an ongoing emergent performance. The slowly moving kinetic light patterns incorporate techniques pioneered by Thomas Wilfred’s Lumia works in the early twentieth century. Light Between expands on the Lumia medium by integrating a generative soundscape that controls the light patterns over the course of the exhibition. Light Between was on display in the windows of Pie Projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico from February 16th to March 5th 2022. A QR code allowed visitors to ‘tune in’ to the soundscape as they observed the site specific installation.


The Santa Fe gallery Pie Projects, was going to be closed for several weeks during a break between shows. The gallery asked me to activate the street facing windows to create a site specific installation. My response was to create a light installation within the frames of the windows to create a larger than life dynamic Lumia light installation. The calming colors are controlled by an ambient and generative soundscape that slowly evolved over the course of the exhibition. The goal of the project was to illuminate the night and provide a surprising and unique point of connection for visitors and the local community.