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Life in Expressionism

Submitted by Brani & Desi

Client: Chemists

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Interior Designer

Branimira Ivanova

Interior Designer

Desislava Ivanova

Brani & Desi


“Life in Expressionism” is а residence in which the owners are taken into the world of Art. The title of the project is taken from the art movement Expressionism, because we use Shapes and Colors for emotional result in order to generate moods and ideas. The dominated acute geometric forms provides a feeling of warmth. According to the Expressionism painter and art theorist Kandinsky certain colors have an affinity for certain forms. We combine different colors and forms to impact on the human soul.


The Kitchen is bright and energizing for the users. The red and light orange colors feed them with energy. Orange is the color of creativity and the red provoke the appetite and gives power. The purity and softness of the white balance the two strong colors. The Dining room is suitable for 7-8 people. The blue and green colors impact on the soul with its energy of calmness and relax. The acute forms of the colored shapes balance the cold colors by giving warmth to the room. The Living room is the main room for relax and conversations. The green is the most pleasant for human eye. We use few nuances of the green. The red color of the sofa and the pillows, and also of some shapes in the stairs zone balance the green as its complementary color. The Bedroom is reachable through the stairs in the living room zone. The space is divided into a few zones, where one can sleep, work, read etc. The blue, violet and yellow colors and the forms, which they fill, are creating a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.


Our main goal is to create artistic spaces where geometry, colors and functions have equivalent responsibility. Our services include conceptual development, communicating with the client, the management and execution of the design.

Additional Information

"One eye sees, the other feels." - Paul Klee