Legacy Sculpture - CODAworx

Legacy Sculpture

Client: Richardson Properties

Location: Little Rock, AR, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team


Hunter Brown


Richardson Properties


Legacy' is a modern stainless steel sculpture with brushed and powder coated elements. At 15' tall, the piece make a fantastic statement at the entry of Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments.


Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments were designed with a high end resort like style that is unparalleled in Central Arkansas. The client wanted to make a statement in every way possible. The addition of the Legacy sculpture is just another layer of the wow factor as you enter the clubhouse to sign your lease.


Hunter Brown is the designer and artist for this sculpture. He works closely with clients and designers to create design solutions in a variety of formats. After understanding the basic needs of the client and space, Hunter designs a series of digital concepts for the client to critique and choose from. Once a design is selected and a contract is in place, Hunter begins the construction process. Currently Hunter has two apprentices working under him.