Laurentian Forest - CODAworx

Laurentian Forest

Submitted by Ixchel Suarez

Client: Lee Chin Gallery

Location: Burlington, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

assistant weaver

Stella Tang

CTTC-Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre

Installation and Structures

Richard Watts

Crowe River Studios Ltd.


Study of the transition, decay and beauty of some forests in the Laurentian Region between Ontario and Quebec. My work refers to time, as a juxtaposing transition between photography (seconds on a shutter) and the process, be tapestry, quilt, fibre arts, and the time to process that short emotion that triggers the shot, and the process itself of the design and fabrication.


Working for a space with flat surfaces and light, as it was for the Lee Chin Gallery, the idea was to create a series of hanging textile forms, abstract views


traditional tapestry woven on haute-lisse with natural fibres. Installation of light suspended sculpture are made of layers of thull, embroidered and applique. Cotton, wool, linen, silk, metallic threads and raffia.