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Launch Intention @ Dr Maya Angelou Community High School

Submitted by Griffin Loop

Client: Dr Maya Angelou Community High School

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

sculpture. activation

griffin Loop

Launch Intention LLC


warren brand

Branded Arts


dr maya angelou community high school


a 25ft metal “Launch Intention” paper airplane sculpture is placed in the center of campus at the largest school in south central los angeles. students hand write their intentions directly onto the plane ever reminding them to their launch dreams into action.
“a paper airplane represents youthful innocence and fun. it is one of the first things we create as children and launch into the world. the launch intention project based around this childhood symbol takes us back to that carefree and imagination and freedom. it stands for tapping into the intuitive self and truth we all have. embracing the dreams and path we are ultimately supposed to take. a platform to solidify these dreams and share with each other and the world. a symbol for optimism and hope. self. community. support. vulnerability and accountability. launch intention is a reminder for all to “free yourself. set intention and launch into action and the world.””


my goal with this project is to take a recognizable symbol we can all relate to (paper airplane) and attach a message and action (clarifying our intention and sharing with the greater collective) to it so every time we see this symbol we are reminded of our true essence and what we want in life. the art is used to initiate and hold space for this ever important act.


the sculpture was part of the maya angelou mural festival put on by branded arts. i personally contributed the sculpture to the school and engaged the students in the experience. i decided to have them hand write their intentions directly onto the plane truly integrating the piece into the environment and representing the collective intent.

Additional Information

"it is our greatest RESPONSIBILITY to walk through life with INTENTION and PURPOSE. it means taking time craft our THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS with INTEGRITY. it means ACCOUNTABILITY. it requires SELF-INQUIRY. it is an ask for you to hold YOURSELF in the HIGHEST REGARD. it is PERMISSION TO SHINE. we are asking for your COMMITMENT. to YOURSELF. to the EARTH. to the HUMANS walking with you. there is weight behind this. this is a CONTRACT between YOU and YOU. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION. - launch intention