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“Launch” for Global Social Media Company

Submitted by Tony Sobota

Client: Global Social Media Company

Location: Huntsville, AL, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

Project Manager

Rowan Coughlin

SLATE Art Consultants


Tony Sobota

Sobota Creative Studios


This project involved creating a large 2D artwork for a corporate lobby space. Located in Huntsville, the client requested a ‘space’ theme and had a specific palette. Directed by a consultancy, I painted the artwork on four interlocking cradled birch panels, for easy delivery and assembly on site. I used professional grade acrylic paint and mediums, coating the final painting with a UV-protectant.

The content of the painting features the power and force of a Saturn-V rocket at lift-off, using color, shape, and line to indicate energy, rhythm, and movement respectively. It also contains a second view of a rocket blasting off in the distance as the foreground seems to indicate the countdown to lift-off.


The overall design of the space included walls for over 10 various artists, unified by a common color palette and theme: “Space”. My design went through over a dozen variations, as the client requested a space theme but wanted it kept poetically abstracted, which fit well with my style. The resulting painting consists of the forms of a rocket, but prioritizes the formal aspects of the painting to convey an overall feeling and impression, rather than merely deferring to illustration. The goal was to create a piece that workers and visitors could enjoy, and that local Huntsville officials could be proud of—and by all accounts we exceeded expectations.


The process involved several design iterations, which were shown to the client through Rowan at SLATE art consultants. Once an overall design direction was agreed on by all, I developed a more detailed concept of the painting. Once approved, I got to work. I sent several check-in images throughout the painting process, as the final product ended up slightly different (arguably even stronger) than the mock-up. Once the installation team had it in place and the furnishings brought in, it was a perfect fit.