Large Wall Sculpture for Hospital - CODAworx

Large Wall Sculpture for Hospital

Client: Advocate Medical Center

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Anne Moran and Robert Brown

Moran Brown Studio

Art Consultant

Christine Sachs

Art Expressions


HDR, Inc.


​A large mass of rectangular metal cubes form this richly colored wall sculpture which hangs in Advocate's newly renovated Chicago Medical Center.​ ​The feature wall artwork measures 14' x 14'​ and is made of transparent pigment on aluminum.


The architects designed a focal wall to place a large piece of art at the end of a monumental skylight corridor. The art needed to utilize and be enhanced by the abundant natural light. The designer selected our artwork for its luminescent, reflective quality. The client wanted an artwork that would create an uplifting, peaceful space.


From multiple renderings the client chose an abstract cloudscape of yellow, orange and purple colors of a sunset, which appears to emit a warm glow.

Additional Information

The artwork was comprised of 972 individually painted, aluminum boxes, measuring 9"w x 3"h x 1.5"d each. The boxes were sectioned into 9 panels backed by aluminum frames, each panel weighing 40 lbs.