Delancey Chandelier - CODAworx

Delancey Chandelier

Submitted by George C Scott

Client: private residence

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


George Scott

George C. Scott Studios


Ginny Ruffner


This steel and glass chandelier was created for a residence in Chicago. It consists of hydroformed steel and lampworked, colored glass. Dimensions are approximately 36″ x 36″x 40″ tall.


This piece was designed for a specific location as a focal point in a client residence. They selected the artists and played a part in the design, and creation of the project, but gave lots of leeway to Ginny and George to create a unique and dynamic piece. Scale and light source were of special consideration in this installation.


This was a project based on experimentation, and in the course of creating this piece, George developed a new technique for forming three dimensional hollow steel forms. Collaboration was at the heart of this project, and exchange of sketches, samples and prototypes went back and forth nearly until completion. As the separate components came together, small adjustments were made until a cohesive piece was finalized.