King’s Town Group Headquarters - CODAworx

King’s Town Group Headquarters

Submitted by wilson lee

Client: King's Town Group

Location: kaoshing city, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $200,000


With almost 80% of the building consisting of glass curtain walls, there is an ample amount of natural light to illuminate the indoor space during the daytime. In consideration of this, we used wall washers to prevent excessive lighting and achieve a visual balance between the natural light and the interior lighting. This indirect interior illumination also ingeniously functions as lighting during the nighttime. While this strategy poses a certain level of difficulty in integrating different designs, it enables viewers to feel a sense of naturalness, transparency, and sophistication of the building.


At night, interior ceiling lighting plays an indirect but crucial role in illuminating the building’s facade. The differing light needs of users throughout the night allows the building’s architectural lighting design to exhibit various expressions reflecting human engagement.