Kinetic Wall Relief - CODAworx

Kinetic Wall Relief

Submitted by Evan Lewis

Client: Kevin Hitzeman

Location: Inverness, IL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Evan Lewis


Kevin Hitzeman


Site-specific, wall-mounted kinetic sculpture relief that moves in the indoor currents or when a person is passing by. The sculpture is created in hand-forged steel and aluminum. The overall size is 96″ high x 68″ wide x 10″ deep.


The goals for integrating the commission artwork were manifold. The artwork had to be wall-mounted, kinetic and fit into a somewhat limited physical space (an entry foyer). The persons passing by should have plenty of room to move about and to view the work from a certain distance.


The clients requested an artwork that would be mounted to a wall of their entry foyer. This is how the family and the visitors enter the house and it's the first visual experience they have upon the entry. The clients wanted to convey a sense of wonder, whimsy, and appreciation of art. They are avid collectors of art and artist-made furniture. The sculpture in the foyer is a preview of other beautiful things to come.

Additional Information

This type of kinetic wall-mounted art can be created for very small spaces and also at a much larger scale, for public, corporate, education or healthcare projects and buildings.