Kinetic Tiles - CODAworx

Kinetic Tiles

Submitted by KASUGA


Location: Berlin, Germany

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Development and Production



DMX Linear Actuator


The kinetic sculpture “Kinetic Tiles” is showcasing the capabilities of KASUGA´s DMX Linear Actuator Micro. The sculpture consists of 81 individual components which act synchronized to form fluid, animated spatial surfaces. Controlled by the DMX LA Designer software, endless motion and pattern sequences, but also the abstract depiction of text and image contents are possible. Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to interact with the sculpture, using the Leap Motion Sensor, the Kinect Sensor or their own mobile devices.


To demonstrate use cases with the DMX Linear Actuator Micro, "Kinetic Tiles" presents synchronized motion as a subtle, playful kinetic sculpture.