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Playroom Children’s Hospital

Submitted by Patty Sgrecci

Client: Boston Children's Hospital

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Patty Sgrecci

Patty Sgrecci ~ mobiles & more...

Art Consultant

Betty Bothereau

L'attitude Gallery


In 2014 I was commissioned to create mobiles for 6 playrooms on 5 floors of Boston Children’s Hospital. Nine foot octagonal recesses in the ceilings were perfect spaces for hanging kinetic art. None could hang lower than 40” so as to be out of reach of the children. Each room had a different theme with materials varying from etched acrylic to carved wood and metal rod.


The playrooms on each floor at Children’s Hospital are wonderful spaces full of toys that the children can visit when they are recovering from surgery or need to be distracted. My mobiles were designed in cheerful colors to coordinate with existing themes and color schemes on each floor. The challenge was a center beam in 5 of the rooms which meant that the mobile could not hang from a single point. The solution was to create 2 mobiles to hang on either side of the beam to create a whole. Special consideration was needed to design pairs of mobiles that would move gently next to each other without intersecting. Air vents activate the slow motion of the sculptures adding a peaceful, therapeutic energy to the rooms to aid in healing and recovery.


I worked closely with art consultant Betty Bothereau submitting multiple concept drawings and images for approval for each room. Working with the color scheme and theme of each floor was a top priority. She was invaluable in helping to source materials and coordinating the timing of the project and installation.

Additional Information

This was a wonderful opportunity to use the therapeutic nature of kinetic art in a healing space.